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Accepted Papers

The most updated list of my publications can be found on my  CV. Also see my Google Scholar Profile.


Book Chapters

Uchidiuno, Judith, Tamara Clegg, June Ahn, Jason Yip, Elizabeth Bonsignore, Daniel Pauw, Austin Beck, and Kelly Mills. “Learning About Learning Through Participatory Design with Families” Participatory Design for Learning: Perspectives from Practice and Research (2017): 45.


Patent Applications

Uchidiuno, Judith O., Wang, Xiying, and Justin D. Weisz. “Communication mode control for wearable devices.” U.S. Patent Application No. 14/665,162.

McCleary, D.W., Rosato, S.M., Uchidiuno, J.O., Wang, Xiying., and Weisz, J.D., Detecting and notifying of various potential hazards. U.S. Patent Application 14/672,354.